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             Allstate Roofing Consultants is a division of our company that provides independent roof   consulting services to commercial building owners and property management companies.

Our lengthy experience with every type of roof condition and system has allowed us to become reliable experts in every roofing situation.  We have learned over time through continuing education and hands on experience the correct and most efficient ways to address any roof problem.  Unlike our roof consulting competitors, we don’t have to sell you a new roof to justify our roof consulting fees.  Most Independent Roof Consultants must get their clients to replace a roof before they can make a reasonable profit for their services.  As a result we have seen in many cases the independent consultant  recommends an unnecessary roof replacement when in fact a major repair would have extended the roof life by 5 years or more. 

Since our company has a roofing division we don’t need to rely on consulting services alone to support our operation. We recognized the need for professional roof consulting many years ago and provide this service to mainly commercial roofing customers who prefer to have a roof professional with an unbiased opinion to make recommendations, write the roof specifications, and over see the projects.

While many large corporations employ engineers, they don’t generally have a good understanding of  roof systems and applications.  Calling 3 roofing contractors and getting bids can be a costly mistake in many instances since each contractor may not be bidding the same identical spec.  As an owner or manager of property looking at the bottom line can also be misleading and costly. Taking the lowest possible price to save money often leads to an inferior roof system that will not last through the intended life cycle. Then end result is lost revenue through bad selections of roofing systems not installed 100% to manufacture specifications.  We like to call this scenario ’ Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish’’.  A classic example of this actually happened some years ago with a school district.  The engineer in charge of construction tells us how much money he’s going to save the school district with the roof system he has selected and rejected our recommendations.  We politely left his office with some disappointment  but couldn't resist telling him that we hoped he didn't lose his job if the system failed.   Five years later an article appeared in the local news paper stating that the school district had fired the engineer and was forced to replace the failed roofs at a cost of $ 2,000,000.00. 

 Allstate Roof Consultants has available many options for roof consulting services tailored for almost any situation.   A short list of  Roof Consulting services are:

·        Existing conditions reports with core analysis and estimated life expectancy.

·        Infrared thermal imaging reports showing isolated problems and moisture intrusion.

·        Written repair and/or roof replacement recommendations with specifications.

·        Bidding documents for bidding the projects.

·        Pre-bid meetings with roofing contractors on site.

·        Bid evaluations and contractor screening.

·        On site inspectors while work is in progress.

·        Complete on site project management.

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