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 To Property Manager/ Property Owners/ Real Estate Trusts

We are offering roofing and consulting services to Commercial Property Management Companies and Real Estate Trust Companies that recognize the importance of protecting investments and assets.  Due Dilegence Roofing Reports are one of our specialities.


Many property Owners are not aware of the new techniques and approaches to protecting one of  the most valuable assets of any building and that is the roof.


We now offer cost savings programs for preventative and scheduled maintenance on any type of commercial building. Every year over a billion dollars are spent on roof replacements due to premature roof failures. The old cliché ‘’ Out Of Sight Out Of Mind ,‘’ seems to apply to many of the roofs that we inspect. With just a little preventative maintenance and bi-annual inspections, most roof life cycles could be extended by 5-10 years.   Roofing materials and the expense for replacements have increased by about 30% in the last year due to oil related products, manufacturing costs, and shipping.

 If you can’t afford to budget money for roof replacements during these tough economic times, then Allstate can show you how to save money with our scheduled maintenance program. We provide written reports showing the existing conditions and photos of the problem areas for review. If you are just fixing a leak as they crop up then chances are the roof is not getting the proper maintenance as required by manufactures.

Our technicians are highly trained in all water-proofing specialties and can provide service unequalled in the roofing industry. We are certified and use  the latest testing equipment such as infrared thermal imaging and non destructive moisture testing,  So no matter what your roofing need Allstate Roofing can handle any project large or small with guaranteed results.

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