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  ''How To Prevent Premature Roof Failures And Save Big Money''

After looking at a recent host of roof failures, we are advising our customers to take a closer look at using preventative maintenance on their commercial roofs. If you are having periodical roof leaks or experiencing more than an occasional leak, then chances are you are not keeping your roofs maintained. Improper roof installations and the lack of preventative maintenance are a factor in costly roof replacements that can be avoided in most cases. All commercial roofing manufactures require that you do bi-annual inspections and do preventative maintenance to get the full life cycle from your roof. If you are just fixing a leak as they crop up then you're not going to get the full implied life from your roofing investments.
For some reason most owners just don't think about preventative maintenance on something they can't see. We service our cars and change the oil on a schedule, yet scheduling maintenance on a roof is almost unheard of. It's the ''old out of sight out of mind'' scenario. Did you know that approximately 50 % of commercial roofs have to be replaced well before the intended life cycle has been completed ?  Want to get the maximum life out of your roofing dollar ? Keep it maintained and don't be penny wise and dollar foolish when it comes to maintenance.

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